Artjobs from A to Z

Have you ever looked for an overview of jobs in galleries and not found any satisfactory results? Fruitless searches are now a thing of the past! We have rounded up and outlined the most common jobs in the art industry and corresponding tasks.

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What’s it like? Management assistant in a gallery

What exactly is the job of a management assistant in an art gallery? Which tasks does the position comprise? What are the usual working hours? We interviewed the management assistant of an art gallery in Zurich who has been working in this position for many years now. She answered all our questions and elaborated on her experiences.

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What’s it like? Archivist in a gallery

What’s it like to work as an archivist in a gallery? What are the working hours, and what kind of work do you do? We interviewed Tien, who has worked at Galerie Kamm and König Galerie in Berlin. His last job was as an archivist, and he talked with us about his experiences.

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